Donaldsons Chocolates


Donaldson’s Assortments showcase our most popular pieces! Made the old-fashioned way, with the finest quality ingredients, our chocolates are our pride and joy.

Butter Creams

Donaldson’s Butter Creams are some of our most delightful confections! Inside a rich chocolate coating, each soft, creamy center is packed with flavor. Choose from chocolate, coconut, lemon, maple, orange, raspberry, rum & butter, and vanilla.

Nuts & Chews

Donaldson’s Nuts & Chews comprise a large selection of crunchy nut clusters and soft, buttery caramels.


Donaldson's Barks offer delicious flavor combinations that will satisfy any craving! Made with dark, milk, or white chocolate and paired with various assortments of tasty morsels, our barks cover it all!


Donaldson's Truffles are the ultimate indulgence! The ganache center is made with the perfect blend of chocolate and cream, which is then hand-rolled and hand-dipped in either dark or milk chocolate.

Fruit Pieces

Donaldson’s Fruit Pieces highlight the delicious combination of sweet and tangy fruit with the rich, deep flavor of chocolate.


Donaldson’s Specialties include fun and innovative pieces, as well as some traditional favorites.

Sugar Free

Enjoy some of Donaldson’s delightful treats in a Sugar Free option!

Dark Select

Donaldson’s Dark Select chocolates feature our traditional recipes with some slight, yet delicious, twists! Coated in 64% cacao dark chocolate, the pieces in our Dark Select line are perfect for bittersweet chocolate lovers!